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Weekly Top 10

No Treble’s best of 2009

We took a look back at the full year of stories and stats. Here’s most popular features from No Treble in 2009: #1 interview: Julie Slick #1 lesson: Evan Kepner’s Building Dexterity on the Bass #1 lesson from Jon Burr: Practicing and the Mind #1 Ask Damian Erskine feature: What does it take to become a professional musician? #1 Video:...

New Albums

Dave Matthews Band: Europe 2009

The Dave Matthews Band released a new box set called Dave Matthews Band: Europe 2009 this week, featuring the tasty bass lines of Stefan Lessard. The live box set contains 3 CD’s from a show in Lucca, Italy on July 5 and a DVD of the June 26 show at O2 Academy Brixton in London, England. Also in the packaging...

Ask Damian Erskine

Ask Damian Erskine: How do you go about promoting your CD?

Q: How do you go about promoting your CD? A: I’ve been giving this a lot of thought lately as I’m preparing to release my 2nd release (coming out mid-late January 2010!). With my first CD, I definitely went about it from the ground up. I: Contacted the editors of bass magazines and asked to whom I could send one...

Bass Videos

Serino Gianni: Sight reading bass

This is just a cool video, featuring bassist Serino Gianni, doing a little sight reading on a funky Latin piece. Thanks to Ingrid Pastorius, who shared this with us on our Facebook page.

Player News

Ex-Arctic Monkeys bassist joins new band

Ex-Arctic Monkey bassist Andy Nicholson has joined the cult act Reverend and the Makers. Nicholson, who left the popular British rock band Arctic Monkeys in 2006, had been playing with the Makers for about two years, but was not an official member until now. Reverend and the Makers front man Jon McClure welcomed him as a member in a Twitter...

Reader Spotlight: Erik Scott
Reader Spotlight

Reader Spotlight: Erik Scott

Meet Erik Scott, our player in the spotlight for December 29, 2009. Bio: Best known for recording/touring with Alice Cooper (80’s), Sonia Dada (1990-20??), and Flo & Eddie (70’s), Erik has also recorded with many other artists, including Kim Carnes, Carl Palmer, and Pops and Mavis Staples. Erik is also a composer who has written songs covered by Ted Nugent,...

The Lowdown with Dr. D

The Lowdown with Dr. D.: Three Requirements of Attainment (Part 2 of 3: Teacher)

The Teacher The second requirement for the attainment of any skill is a teacher. A good teacher can enhance learning efficiency, streamline progress and illuminate method. You can certainly learn without a teacher and there is a vast amount of information available to us: DVDs, video demonstrations, books, columns, articles, etc. While these can be valuable resources, without one-to-one instruction...

Miles Mosley: L.A. Won’t Bring You Down
Bass Videos

Miles Mosley: L.A. Won’t Bring You Down

Miles Mosley has just launched an all-new version of his web site, complete with a lots of new videos. I’ve been sitting on these videos for about a month, looking forward to sharing them. Here’s one of our favorites, “L.A. Won’t Bring You Down”.

New Albums

Yves Carbonne: A Life

Yves Carbonne has just released A Life, his second solo effort. The album features a special guest appearance by Marcus Miller, along with Guillaume Eyango, Denis Adande-Menest, Laurent Maur, Roger Biwandu, Antony Breyer, Tami Hamilton, and Myriam Kante. A Life is the follow up to Carbonne’s first album, Seven Waves. Carbonne’s musical career started when he was 7 years old,...

Bass Lessons

Walking: On and through chord changes

Here Jon demonstrates walking using chord tones, lead ins, various combinations of these, and “changing tones” – notes above and below the target, zeroing in on it. Be sure to check out Jon’s book, The Untold Secret to Melodic Bass, available as a pdf download or as a Amazon Kindle book. And now in paperback edition!