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Damian Erskine offering private video lessons

Damian Erskine

Bassist Damian Erskine (a No Treble contributor and Learn the Low End professor) is now offering private and personalized video lessons.

Damian is using this as an opportunity to both help players and create an addendum to his instructional book, as well as connecting with bassists around the world (hey, we especially love that last part!)


  • Send Damian an outline of what you’d like to cover
  • Damian will make an 60 minute (or longer) video covering the topics
  • You’ll get a password to access the video online, and you can download it to your computer
  • Pricing is $75 via Paypal or check ($80 if you’d like a CD-R mailed to you)

Here’s an example clip:

To get in touch with Damian, visit his contact page on his web site.

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