Chuck Garric donates bass to home town Hard Rock Cafe

Chuck GarricChuck Garric, best know as the bassist for Alice Cooper, will be donating his bass to the Hard Rock Cafe Lake Tahoe, California tomorrow, October 16th, 2009. The donation will coincide with a concert by Alice Cooper.

Garric commented, “It makes me proud to be from Lake Tahoe. I want to bring something to the city of South Lake Tahoe. I’m hoping to bring some sort of inspiration to anybody out there.”

The bass is Garric’s black vintage 4 ESP bass. This is the bass he used on the Psychodrama tour and continues to use in the current Theater of Death tour.

“I used to take it and smash it and throw it around onstage,” Garric said. “The thing just took a licking and kept on ticking. This one deserves to be recognized.”

Garric joined Alice Cooper in 2002 and has been featured on three of the bands albums, “Eyes of Alice Cooper”, “Dirty Diamonds,” and “Along Came a Spider.”

Garric also plays in the Eric Singer Project, aka ESP, which includes Eric Singer, Bruce Kulick and John Corrabi, when he is not on tour with Cooper. More information on Garric is available from his web site.

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  1. Randy Bowen

    One of Tahoes best sons.