Rewind: the most popular features, lessons and videos of the week

In case you missed them, here are the most popular features from last week.


Jon Burr: Melodic Construction: Extensions on Dominant Chords, Part 1

Evan Kepner: The Zen of Ear Training – Part 2

Columns and Features

Phil Wain reviews Wayne Krantz – Krantz Carlock Lefebvre

Damian Erskine covers Shortcuts in his latest Ask Damian column.

Ray Riendeau is raving about… Evan Marien’s Between Worlds.

Our player in the spotlight is Russ Sargeant.

Learn the Low End

We’ve gotten two brand new courses from Ray Riendeau that are based on songs from his latest CD Arrhythmia.

The first course is a melodic transcription Ray’s arrangement of “Ornithology” using the double thumb technique. Not only does Ray show you how to play the melody, but he details the exact thumb movements and positions he uses. This course also includes the mp3 for download!

The second course by Ray is a melodic transcription of “Sunyata”, again showing his superb slap-bass technique. The song download for “Sunyata” is also including in the course along with a transcription including thumb techniques for each note.

Popular Videos of the Week

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