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  • Lesson: Pattern Recognition in Jazz Standards

    Believe it or not pattern recognition is extremely important to being a successful jazz player. There are a few common chord progressions that will pop up in many tunes – having an arsenal of lines or phrases for these different pattern sets can save your neck on the bandstand if you don’t know the tune.... »

  • Herbie Hancock with Paul Jackson: “Hang Up Your Hang Ups” live 1979

    Herbie Hancock with Paul Jackson: “Hang Up Your Hang Ups” live 1979

    Paul Jackson is laying it down in this 1979 live performance of Herbie Hancock’s “Hang Up Your Hang Ups”. The concert took place at Chelsea College, London, with Herbie on keys, Jackson on bass, Alphonse Mouzon on drums, Bennie Maupin on sax, Ray Obiedo on guitar, Bill Summers on percussion and Webster Lewis Jr. on... »

  • Gear Watch: jamLink Internet Audio Interface

    MusicianLink has released the jamLink, an audio interface that uses the internet to allow musicians to play in sync from different locations, no matter how far apart they are. The jamLink works with pretty much any instrument or microphone that has a 1/4” output, so you can plug in and jam with guitarists, singers, or... »

  • Them Crooked Vultures planning second album

    Well, that didn’t take long. Them Crooked Vultures have announced that they are planning a new album, even though their debut album was released only earlier this month. The first album has been a huge success and the members have stated that they feel as though they are just now building steam. Bassist John Paul... »

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  • Lesson: Accents, Dynamics and Balance

    We’ve probably heard the word “dynamic” used to describe the work of musicians from time to time. It’s a compliment. Dynamic equals ‘interesting.’Changes in energy and intensity communicate feeling and add contrast to performance, and can add a sense of momentum and “swing.” Music without dynamics is dull; it sounds mechanical; without the injection of... »

  • Jack Bruce and Mick Taylor: Keep It Down

    Jack Bruce and Mick Taylor: Keep It Down

    After leaving the Rolling Stones, guitarist Mick Taylor briefly joined up with bassist Jack Bruce. They performed at the Old Grey Whistle Test in 1975, and here is some of the magic: Jack and Mick are joined by Carla Bley on Hammond organ and synthesizers, Ronnie Leahy on piano and synthesizer and Bruce Gary on... »

  • Rewind: Our most popular features last week

    In case you missed them, here our the most popular features from last week on No Treble. Columns and features Jon Burr posted his latest bass lesson on Melodic Line Construction. This one is on “Oppositionality” Donovan Stokes wraps up his latest Lowdown with Dr. D. series, with part 3 of 3 of Making the... »

  • Dean Brown, Dennis Chambers, Will Lee: DB III

    Dean Brown, Dennis Chambers, Will Lee: DB III

    Will Lee, bassist for NBC’s “Late Night With David Letterman”, has recently worked with guitarist Dean Brown and drummer Dennis Chambers on a new album titled . The album was recorded over three nights in Tokyo’s Cotton Club, with funky performances by the power trio. Lee, being known for his work with artists such as... »

  • Wing and a Prayer: Jeff Andrews live bass solo

    Wing and a Prayer: Jeff Andrews live bass solo

    Here’s a nice Sunday afternoon video, featuring bassist Jeff Andrews and the Mike Stern Trio in 1995. The tune is “Wing and a Prayer”. »

  • Chuck Sher: Foundation Exercises for Bass

    Chuck Sher has released Foundation Exercises for Bass, a new method book for beginner bassists looking to learn how to create bass parts through the intermediate level. The 87-page book offers a well thought-out, foundational approach, helping conceptualize many overlooked aspects of playing, such as time and feel. Foundation Exercises for Bass covers: The basic... »