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Hulk Hogan: Bass Player for Hire

Hulk Hogan: Bass Player for Hire

Being widely known for his prowess in “the cage” and his shirt ripping affinity, Hulk Hogan has recently spoken about his past dreams of bass stardom. Hogan’s love for music and the bass guitar may be unknown to many of his wrestling fans, but says that long before wrestling was in his life, he wished to be in a successful...

Bass Videos

Zander Zon: I Resolute, a harmonics bass solo

It is about time we share another Zander Zon video. We tend to favor his compositions, and this 2008 recording of “I Resolute” is another great one. As Zander shares, “there is a bit of slapping and tapping here and there, but (technically speaking) the piece mainly aims to make use of the instrument’s awesome natural harmonics…” Great stuff as...

New Albums

System of a Down bassist releases new project single

System of a Down bassist Shavo Odadjian is set to release a single from his new group Achozen, which is a collaboration with Wu-Tang Clan member The RZA. The single, “Salute/Sacrifice,” will be released today through his web site, Achozen is a heavy hip-hop group that also features members Kinetic 9 and Reverend William Burke. Of the upcoming album,...

New Albums

John Paul Jones speaks on “Them Crooked Vultures”

With all of the talk and glimpses of the soon-to-be-released album from Them Crooked Vultures, fans have been itching to find any information possible. Recently, John Paul Jones has spoken with Nova 919 about numerous topics ranging from what the album sounds like, to what it was like working with other musicians of such great caliber. Jones mentions that in...

Bass Lessons

Why Overtones Matter

It is critical to understand the natural resonances of the bass to get the strongest tone and make a plan for fingering strategies in each key. A working knowledge of natural harmonics and sympathetic resonances will allow you to make more sophisticated choices in your playing approach and ultimately improve your sound (and give you a ton of music-geek points)....

Bass Videos

Nathan East: In The Studio

No doubt, Nathan East is one of the A-list bassists out there, and has been for some time. So it is fitting that in this video clip, Nathan and several others talk about what it takes to become an A-lister, and the difference between those on the A and B lists. Plus, there’s some pretty good music in between.

Player News

Mike Dirnt’s Alter Ego – Foxboro Hot Tubs!

Green Day’s alter ego, the Foxboro Hot Tubs, gave a few select fans the ultimate impromptu show on November 1st in London. The audience included fan club members, competition winners and some invited guests. According to bassist Mike Dirnt “The only reason you’re here is you didn’t go to church yesterday.” The band, Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt, Tre Cool,...

Bass Gear

Gear Watch: Spector Announces New Forte Line

Spector has announced the release of their latest line of USA basses: the Forte4 and Forte5. These are the same handcrafted basses we expect from Spector and are new for 2010. The slogan for the new line is “No Options, No Frills, ALL TONE.” The Forte’s have a lot of great features including the original Spector NS curved body scale,...

Ask Damian Erskine, Columns

Ask Damian Erskine: Practicing in every key?

Q: I seem to see two camps out there. “Learn/understand everything in all 12 keys” and “the symmetry of the neck can not be denied, so embrace the patterns and do not worry about learning it in all 12 keys”. Although I am not against a strong theory base or patterns, is there a middle road or another way of...

Bass Videos

Dave Holland solo bass: Mr. P.C.

Today’s video is nothing short of remarkable. Mr. Dave Holland playing “Mr. P.C.” by Mr. John Coltrane. Holy smokes.


Jazz legend Ron Carter gives intimate clinic

On November 4th, the virtuosic jazz bassist Ron Carter presented a clinic entitled “All Alone” to a sold out crowd. The one-night only workshop was held at David Gage’s String Instruments shop located in NYC. Mr. Carter played some, and then covered topics ranging from gig preparation to working with other musicians and amps, as well as taking questions from...

Reader Spotlight: Anthony Crawford
Reader Spotlight

Reader Spotlight: Anthony Crawford

Meet Anthony Crawford, our player in the spotlight for November 10th, 2009. Bio: Born June 29th, 1981, Anthony Crawford was raised in a family of talented musicians. His father, funk and rock drummer Hubert (H bomb) Crawford has played with notable greats like James Brown, Mothers Finest, Mark Farner of Grand Funk Railroad, The Bar-Kays, and was the original drummer...