Bachman-Turner 2.0


Fred Turner, a former member of Bachman-Turner Overdrive, has come out of retirement to reunite with guitarist Randy Bachman for an album and 2010 tour. In their former band, they sold millions of albums in the 1970’s, with hits such as “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet,” and “Takin’ Care of Business.”

Turner has found a breath of fresh air in this new project. “The great part about it is we’ve got new songs. That’s the kicker. That’s what brought me back. I was retired for five years and I thought, ‘It’s over. This is done, just enjoy yourself (and) go fishing.’ I’m surprised to be back. It’s like being reborn. It feels really good,” he said.

Due to legal issues, the group will make music under the moniker “Bachman Turner”.

They are in the process of making their new album, and hope to complete the recording portion by January. The duo also has two appearances slated, at the Sweden Rock Festival and the High Voltage Festival in London.

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