Gear Watch: Digitech JamMan Stereo and JamMan Solo Looper Pedals

Digitech JamMan SoloLoopers rejoice! Digitech has introduced the new JamMan Solo and JamMan Stereo Looper pedals. The Stereo looper features true stereo loops as well as reverse playback, and the Solo is designed “for the guitarist or bassist looking for a full-featured looper in a compact form.”

The pedals feature storage of up to 35 minutes of CD-Quality loops in 99 loops internally, but they also have a SD memory card expansion slot, giving you up to 16 hours of material in the Stereo looper, and up to 48 hours in the JamMan Solo. Add to that USB connectivity which syncs with Digitech’s JamManager software to organize and save your files to a computer, and you’ll have more looping material than you can shake a stick at.

Jason Lamb, Digitech’s Marketing Manager, states “We reinvented loopers nearly a decade ago with the original JamMan and now we are reinventing loops again with the introduction of the JamMan Stereo and Solo. We are always striving to give guitarists and bassists new ways to be creative and unique with their tone and these new loopers give players the ability to do that whether they are practicing at home, performing on stage or anything in between.”

For more info, visit Digitech’s web site.

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