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Gear Roundup

Summer NAMM 2019 Roundup: The Latest Bass Gear News

Summer NAMM happened this month, and we’ve been covering the bass gear news from the show. Here’s the latest, in order of most viewed (and more to come!)

Gear Roundup

Bass Gear Roundup: The Top Gear Stories in November

November is in the books, and that means it is time for our monthly bass gear roundup. Here are the 10 most popular new gear stories on No Treble, based on readership. Thanks for reading, commenting and sharing. Sorry for the GAS. 1. F Bass Unveils VF-P Bass F Bass has expanded their Vintage Series of basses with the VF-P....

Accessories & Strings

StageTrix Releases Wah Fastener

StageTrix has unveiled a new utility product for effects pedals lovers. The Wah Fastener allows for traditional wah pedals to be securely fastened to pedal boards. It uses the same hook and fastener material from their Pedal Fasteners and is mounted on the bottom of your pedal. To attach the fastener, just remove the rubber feet from your wah and...

I Wish I Knew That

When Technology Breaks: A Survival Guide for Bassists

Technology is a wonderful thing. Compared to a century ago, our day-to-day lives are completely different; we no longer need to hand wash our clothes, build a fire to eat, or take a horse and buggy to visit friends in an adjacent state. Instead, we can simply purchase magical devices such as washing machines, microwaves, and Toyota Corollas. While all...

Ask Damian Erskine

Basses and Skill: Stick to One or Diversify?

Q: Is there any benefit in mastering two (or more) types of basses? I have a 5-string fretted that is my primary instrument, and that’s the one I take out of the “shed.” After finding a great deal on a fretless 4-string at a pawnshop, my thought was this bass would be perfect for playing jazz, and I started studying...

Ask Damian Erskine

Amp Stands: How to Raise Your Amp without Losing the Bottom?

Q: I recently down-sized my amp from a classic SVT setup 8×10 with a head to a combo amp. Obviously much smaller. I want to raise it off the floor without losing the bottom end because I have used my Ampeg rig exclusively for 20+ years, and I am used to having that stage sound from the top speakers near...

Best of 2011

Best of 2011: The Top 10 Bass Gear Stories

Gear! Readers can’t get enough, and neither can we. Here’s a big dose of the most read gear stories of 2011 on No Treble. 1. Fender Modern Player Series Bass Guitars Fender unveiled their Modern Player Series in October, with three new basses: the Modern Player versions of the company’s Telecaster, Jaguar and Jazz basses. These entry-level instruments offer modern...

Top Ten

Top 10: The Best New Bass Gear (October 2011)

We love covering bass gear, and we covered a lot of it in October. Here are the top 10 most popular gear stories on No Treble for October, 2011. 1. Fender Introduces Modern Player Series Bass Guitars Fender has unveiled the Modern Player Series, including three new basses. The Modern Player versions of the company’s Telecaster, Jaguar and Jazz basses...

Ask Damian Erskine

Insuring Your Gear

Q: I recently had a stolen instrument scare. It got me wondering, what do you and other working professionals do? With all your traveling, I’m sure it’s a small worry in the back of your mind. What do you use to ensure the safety of your gear? Do you have instrument specific insurance or some other option? I think a...

Gear Reviews

Gear Review: The Basswitch IQ DI

Ruppert Musical Instruments dubs their Basswitch IQ DI the “Swiss Army Knife for Bass Players”, and I have to agree. The device is just now available in the U.S. The device indeed is many things in one: A/B box: Allows you to have to instruments plugged in for fast switching on stage Clean Boost: Engage the EQ with a separate...

Bass Gear

The Axe Balancer

Joe Naylor has introduced a new gadget for instruments with heavy necks, called the Axe Balancer. The product is a small, 7-ounce tungsten steel block with a non-reactive foam bottom that mounts to your bass under the strap button. The gadget acts as a counterweight at the farthest point from the headstock, preventing neck dive to save you from holding...

Best of 2010, Top Ten

Best of 2010: Top 10 Bass Gear

Today, we continue the Best of 2010 countdown with the top 10 bass gear stories of 2010. As with all our Best Of lists, this one is based on reader views. 1. Fleabass Street Bass The Street Bass is an even more affordable version of the already available Touring Bass, which Flea himself is using to tour and write the...