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  • Janek Gwizdala: Live Loop Jam

    Janek Gwizdala: Live Loop Jam

    We’re getting excited about winter NAMM next week, and here’s a warm-up… bassist Janek Gwizdala performing at the TC Electronic booth during last year’s winter NAMM show. For more on Janek, visit his web site. »

  • David Ellefson introduces “the Beamz”

    Former Megadeth bassist David Ellefson is helping to introduce a new device, called the Beamz, to the music industry. On his latest episode of his YouTube video series, “David Ellefson’s Rock Shop,” Ellefson demos the apparatus, which is a system of laser beams, which when broken, trigger computer software to play back or create music.... »

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  • Ask Damian Erskine: Finding the balance

    Q: How do you discern whether you’re playing “appropriately” or over-playing? A: This is completely subjective and depends on: style of music you’re playing bandleaders interpretation of appropriate taste other things too, but that’s a good start! For the purposes of this article, I’ll assume we’re not talking fusion or jazz here. One simple thing... »

  • Gear Watch: Madarozzo introduces 2010 gig bag and case couture

    Madarozzo has announced its new 2010 line of gig bags and case couture. The line of instrument bags and cases are a “fusion of fashion design, functionality, quality, and instrument protection” designed for the discriminating player. Various gig bag options accommodate for acoustic basses, headless basses, odd shapes, and fitting two basses in one bag.... »

  • Reader Spotlight: Joel Gottschalk

    Reader Spotlight: Joel Gottschalk

    Meet Joel Gottschalk, our bassist in the spotlight for January 5th, 2010. Bio: A recent transplant to Los Angeles from Tucson, Arizona, Joel Gottschalk has already earned a solid rep as a session/live bass player including international tour and session work with guitarist/singer-songwriter Philip Sayce (Melissa Etheridge, Jeff Healey, Uncle Kracker). Most recently, Joel appears... »

  • A Lesson on Live Looping for Bass

    A Lesson on Live Looping for Bass

    Guest contributor Russ Sargeant shares this live looping lesson with us, on bass using Mobius software and the Behringer FCB1010. Introduction Solo musicians have a new powerful weapon in their arsenal, or rather access to technological advancements on an established idea. Live Looping has been around since the days of the tape delay machine. One... »

  • 3 Views on Jaco: Joe Zawinul, Marcus Miller and Peter Erskine

    3 Views on Jaco: Joe Zawinul, Marcus Miller and Peter Erskine

    Here is another set of videos recommended by Ingrid Pastorius: Three parts to a broader video piece, with Joe Zawinul, Marcus Miller and Peter Erskine each being interviewed about Jaco Pastorius. Intro (with Joe Zawinul): Marcus Miller: Peter Erskine: We’d love to know more about this project… if anyone has information on it, please drop... »

  • Tom Hamilton speaks on Aerosmith

    Tom Hamilton checked in with fans via a blog on, the official Aerosmith fan club page to discuss the band, past and present. He starts with what everyone has been talking about for the last two months: “I know, I know! ‘What’s goin’ on with the band?’ ‘What the hell are you guys up... »

  • Soundgarden to reunite in 2010

    Singer Chris Cornell has announced that Soundgarden will be reuniting after having split up in April 1997, almost 13 years ago. The group is still deciding among offers from several major festivals, but are planning a tour schedule, which will be set in place after drummer Matt Cameron finishes his prior engagements with Pearl Jam.... »

  • On walking: Connecting ii-V’s

    Continuing this video lesson series on walking, Jon explores various ways to connect ii-V progressions; arpeggios, chromatic & diatonic approaches from above and below the targets, and changing tones (notes arrayed on either side of the target). Jon is accepting students via Skype video. Email for more information. Be sure to check out Jon’s... »