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  • Les Claypool tour update (Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Coachella)

    Les Claypool has just updated his 2010 tour schedule to include some dates in Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas in April: 4/19 at Stubb’s in Austin, TX 4/20 at House Of Blues in Houston, TX 4/21 at Lakewood Theatre in Dallas, TX 4/23 at Cain’s Ballroom in Tulsa, OK 4/24 at The Village in Little Rock,... »

  • Double Stops on the Upright Bass

    The upright bass is frequently classified as a “single-line” instrument. In other words, the bass produces a single line of tones and does not play polyphonically. This is certainly the rule in many cases, but there are times where adding additional chord tones to your playing, especially in solos, can add a new dimension of... »

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  • Gerald Veasley & Wolfgang Puschnig: Long Time No See

    Here’s a cool improvisation by Gerald Veasley and Wolfgang Puschnig performing an Ornette Coleman piece, re-composed by Paul Urbanek. Does anyone make playing the bass look easier than Gerald? Wow. »

  • Gear Watch: New affordable Zon Standard Series

    Zon Guitars has announced a new affordable line of bass guitars called the Standard Series. Featuring the Mosaic, Sonus, and Legacy models, the new basses are handcrafted in Korea to Zon’s rigid quality requirements and then inspected for finish and setup at Zon’s facility in Redwood City. “There are a lot of players out there... »

  • Dave Holland Octet debuts with “Pathways”

    The debut recording for the Dave Holland Octet has been announced, with a release date of March 23, 2010. Pathways features Holland along with Chris Potter (tenor, soprano), Robin Eubanks (trombone), Steve Nelson (vibes, marimba), and Nate Smith (drums). Added to the front-line are other Holland collaborators Antonio Hart (alto saxophone), Alex Sipiagin (trumpet), and... »

  • Ask Damian Erskine: Best way to Shine?

    Q: When you are presented with an opportunity to play with people you look up to, what is your approach? To you try and blow everyone away? A: Great question! The first thing I would say is to be yourself! Don’t try and play like this guy or that guy you’ve seen them with, don’t... »

  • Edmond Gilmore: Havona play-along

    Edmond Gilmore: Havona play-along

    Bassist Edmond Gilmore set out to demo his gear with this performance of Jaco Pastorius’s “Havona”, which is cool. But we had a hard time focusing on the rig, since he nailed the tune. Edmond shares, “This is My FBASS VF-5 with my Markbass classic 300 rig. I’m playing Jaco’s Havona to show that you... »

  • New Release: Michael Janisch’s “Purpose Built”

    Jazz bassist Michael Janisch has just released his new album, Purpose Built on Whirlwind Recordings. This is his first album as a bandleader and features Aaron Goldberg (piano), Jim Hart (vibraphone), Jason Palmer (trumpet), Paul Booth (Tenor Saxophone), Mike Moreno (guitar), Patrick Cornelius (alto saxophone), Phil Robson (guitar), Walter Smith III (tenor saxophone), and Johnathan... »

  • Reader Spotlight: Ronnie Penque

    Reader Spotlight: Ronnie Penque

    Meet Ronnie Penque, our bassist in the spotlight for January 26, 2010. Bio: Ronnie Penque has been playing music for over 30 years. When not working with NRPS or his band RONNIE PENQUE BAND, which includes his brother Chris Penque on guitar, Ron is busy as a session player. Ronnie started out as the original... »

  • A review of “Seabrook Power Plant”

    Brandon Seabrook’s Seabrook Power Plant is a brutal, take-no-prisoners record. The music sits between free jazz and Black Sabbath-influenced sounds but places the banjo firmly at the center of the music. It is quite engaging despite a forbidding exterior. For sure you will hear things in this record you have never heard before. Seabrook is... »