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Player News

Reggie Washington joins Markbass

Markbass has announced that Reggie Washington has joined their growing list of endorsing bassists. Reggie’s choice of gear is the MoMark amplifier (800W amp frame, S2 preamp, EQ4S EQ module, and M0 master module), a Little Mark Tube 800 amplifier, and two Standard 104HR cabinets. For upright, he has a Markacoustic AC 121 combo. “My first time really checking out...


Rumors of System of a Down reunion fly after bassist’s post

Will System of a Down be added to the growing list of reuniting bands this year? Bassist Shavo Odadjian has caused some controversy on the subject this week from his Twitter account. On January 11th, he posted “Are u guys ready for System???” leading readers to believe that the band will be returning from its hiatus which started after the...

Bass Videos, NAMM 2010

Live from NAMM: Jeff Berlin & Danny Gottlieb

Here’s Jeff Berlin at the Markbass booth, performing with drummer Danny Gottlieb (on one cymbal!) The guys at Markbass have been very cool, and very busy this year… We’ll be posting coverage on their new lines soon.

Bass Lessons

Using Triadic Harmony in Solos

The foundation for harmonic structure is the triad. They are the basic chords of Western harmony, and using them in a solo provides a sense of structure and strongly outlines the underlying chords. Do not be fooled into thinking this is some boring drill where you arpeggiate the triads from chords in a lead sheet – there are lots of...

Live from NAMM: Seth Horan
NAMM 2010, No Treble Originals

Live from NAMM: Seth Horan

We’re at the NAMM show this week, and to kick it off, here’s a video of bassist Seth Horan, performing with guitarist Petteri Sariola at the Marriott main stage.

Player News

Walter Payton Suffers Stroke

Walter Payton, bassist for the famous New Orleans based Preservation Hall Jazz Band, suffered a stroke on January 8, just before a gig in Washington D.C. The jazz band was set to perform with the Blind Boys of Alabama that night, when one of the band’s road crew members found Payton in his room. He has since been recovering in...

Bass Gear, NAMM 2010

Gear Watch: Warwick’s Adam Clayton Reverso Signature Bass

Adam Clayton has teamed up with the Marcus Spangler and the makers at Warwick to create a bold new bass: the Adam Clayton Reverso Signature Bass. With a unique body design and high quality features, this bass is sure to turn heads. The body, which is a Warwick Stryker reversed, is made of Khaya Mahogany with a 5A quilted maple...

Ask Damian Erskine: Transcribing Tips
Ask Damian Erskine

Ask Damian Erskine: Transcribing Tips

Q: out of curiosity, what do you use when transcribing? Software or pencil & paper? I’m delving into this area more and grew up with the pencil & paper way, but am becoming more intrigued by all of the software “gadgets” out there. A: A little bit of all of those things, really. Here are my tips and practices for...

Weather Report Live in 1971
Bass Videos

Weather Report Live in 1971

Yesterday, we featured a video from Joe Zawinul’s later years. Today, we go back 38+ years, to a Weather Report video shot in 1971. This performance took place at the NDR Jazz Workshop, with Zawinul on keys, Miroslav Vitous on bass, Wayne Shorter on sax, Alphonse Mouzon on drums, Dom Um Romao on percussion, Eje Thelin on trombone, John Surman...


Hole to tour again after 11 years

Courtney Love has reformed her 90’s alt rock band, Hole, and will perform its first shows in almost 11 years. The new line up included bassist Shawn Dailey, guitarist Micko Larkin, and drummer Stu Fischer. Courtney is the only original member of the band. The band was originally formed by Love with bassist Eric Erlandson, who was in the group...