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Breaking Down Willie Weeks’s “Voices Inside” Solo

I’ve been listening to the Donny Hathaway Live album a lot lately, focusing a lot on the last track (“Voices Inside”) and the awesome solo by Willie Weeks.

So, I was thrilled to see marlowedk breaking it down in a recent video playalong video:

Off to practice!

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Outstanding Bass work! I love that one!!

virgil roumo (Cbreeze bass)

I think Mr. Weeks is under appreciated because his signature style is NOT slapping. I love Marcus, Graham, Wooton,etc, but there is a place among the greats for Willie Weeks. Solid, in the pocket bass play should be celebrated and appreciated, and within those parameters, Willie Weeks is one of the best ever. As a bass player I have been influenced by all of the guys I have mentioned, as well as many others, but Willie Weeks has always been one of my favorites.