Gear Watch: New Markbass gear for 2010

Markbass has announced a huge new line of amplification products for 2010, along with great new accessories to boot. All of the goods will be manufactured in Italy and available around the world starting in this Spring.


Markbass amp
Markbass has added to their MoMark modular bass amp system that they introduced last year. The MoMark series was created to let customers choose the power and features of their amp, and allow them to change it at any time. Now four new “Ready to Play” models make it even easier for customers to “get in the game.” Once you have one of these heads, you can collect and switch out other preamp, EQ, and master modules to customize it further.

The MoMark SA 500 is a 500W solid-state/analog head that has the same features as their classic SA 450. The SA 800 is the modular version of their SD 800, which is a solid state head with an 800W digital power amp. The TA 500 features a tube preamp with a mute switch and 500W analog power amp, and finally the MoMark LMK replaces the two-channel 500W LMK head.

Along with the Ready to Play MoMark heads, Markbass is set to release two new MoMark modules. The Acoustic In preamp module gives you two inputs with separate gain controls: one is 1/4″ and the other is an XLR/ 1/4″ combo. Throw in phantom power and this preamp can turn your MoMark head into a great acoustic amplifier. The EQ 44S-HE module is a high end four-band semi-parametric EQ that features top notch internal components and gold connectors.

Markbass has also added to their Little Mark series with the Little Mark Rocker 500. This compact amp rocks out with an onboard tube drive circuit that lets you get whatever kind of grit, overdrive, or distortion your heart desires.


Markbass cabinetAt the top of the list of new cabs from Markbass is the brand new line called the Club Series. The series, which is a revival of Marco De Virgiliis’ first line of cabs, is the lightest of all the Markbass cabs, using thinner Italian poplar, the newest generation of Markbass/B&C custom speakers, and high grade Tolex covering. Each of the cabs can sit back in a wedge monitor position (except the 600F32) for enhanced onstage sound.

The Club 600F32 is a remake of one of Marco’s earliest products which led him to create Markbass in the first place. It is front-ported 2×12 cab with a new 1.25″ compression driver and a great full-range sound. The Club 102 is a super lightweight 2×10 with lots of punch to cut through any mix, the Club 151 is a compact 1×15 with surprising good tone definition, and the Club 112 is the lightest Markbass cabinet available, and benefits from the smooth highs of a 1″ compression driver and custom horn.

Markbass is also introducing two new additions to their successful New York Series, including the the New York 804 and the New York 122. The 804 is an extension of the 604, and features four 8″ speakers with 1000W… enough to hold its own against any 4×10 on the market. Due to popular demand for a 2×12 cabinet, the 122 is a rear-ported alternative to the Club 600F32.

Markbass is also now offering a rear-ported 8×10, the Standard 108HR. For years, the 8×10 cab has been the heaviest piece of equipment for a band, but with the 108HR, bassists can enjoy all the strength and tone to be expected with only 89 lbs to transport! That’s nearly half of what other 8×10’s weigh.

Alain Caron Signature Stereo Preamp and Powered Cabinet

Markbass Alain Caron modelMarkbass artist Alain Caron teamed up with Marco De Virgiliis to create a signature model stereo preamp and powered cabinet. The BAS 121 is a 700W powered cabinet that features a custom 12″ woofer, a 6″ mid-range speaker, and a 1.25″ compression driver and custom horn. This cab has been designed to produce a very flat response, however it comes with innovative software that lets you tune the cabinet to your liking with a detailed EQ control.

In order for Alain to use his stereo effects, he needs a stereo preamp to let him use two cabinets. To accommodate for this, they created the Ground Stereo Pre as a foot pedal, with and four-band EQ’s for each channel. It also includes an auxiliary input and a headphone out. The pedal can also store EQ presets that you create with the BAS 121 cabinet software, giving you the ability to change the tuning of your cab on the fly without a computer.


Markbass accessoriesMarkbass knows that sometimes the little things can make life easier. Among the accessories they will be releasing are the Super MoMark Bag, which is designed to carry a MoMark head, as well as spare modules, a laptop, cables, strings, and anything else you need for a gig. Similarly, the Bass Bag 24 carries up to two basses, and has room for clothing, accessories, laptop, etc. It’s great for an overnight or out of town gig.

Also introduced is a solution for protecting the Little Mark heads, which are too small for a traditional sized rack case. Therefore Markbass created the small sized Hard Case for the Little Mark series. Finally, the Super DI Transformer allows you to upgrade the DI output of any Little Mark head, even the discontinued Little Mark II. The modification, which can be done at any authorized Markbass service center, gives you a studio grade DI that is optimized to give a pure, rich, and linear sound at all frequencies without unwanted distortion or coloration.

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