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Stanley Clarke helps present basses for charity

Stanley Clarke with Walt Disney design bassesStanley Clarke was a special guest at the Grammy Museum during a ceremony that introduced five new upright basses, which will be auctioned for charity. The basses, which were designed by artists from the Walt Disney Animation Studio, feature a New Orleans theme, an Enchanted Princess, Dumbo’s Pink Elephants, a Cheshire Cat grin, and a Genie. They will be auctioned at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas to raise money for the Grammy In The Schools music education programs of the Grammy Foundation.

One bass will be kept at the Grammy Museum and the others will be on tour throughout the U.S, including Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas and New York, and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland.

Clarke was on hand to speak about the educational benefits of learning how to play an instrument. In response to the colorful and animated basses, the jazz legend said, “I want one.”

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Rob Waxman

Stanley is a national treasure!