Reader Spotlight: Alex Lofoco

Meet Alex Lofoco, our bass player in the spotlight for March 23, 2010.


Alex Lofoco is a native Itailan musician based in the UK. As a relative newcomer to the London music scene, he is already surprisingly established. As a bass player Alex possesses an enviable combination of agility, taste, groove and power, and it is no surprise that his claim to professional status has been quickly recognized.

He works as a session player for many bands in live, studio and in theater.

Alex is also a clinician as he holds masterclasses in UK and Europe demonstrating advanced techniques such as “double thumbing” and “two-hand-tapping”.

He is registered at the Registry of Guitar Tutors and collaborates with website with lessons and articles.

Alex collaborated with a number of UK artists since moving to London including rock singer-songwriter David Vaughan, pop artist Vall and the Rockers Emerald whose song “Master I Am” appeared on BBC Master Snooker Tournament as main theme tune in January 2010.

Alex is endorser of Markbass amps, Rotosound strings and Tabacco Custom Shop.


London UK

Day gig:

Full-time musician/teacher

Years experience:

Eleven years

Bands & Gigs:

At present I am holding clinics about “Double Thumbing” technique. I work as a session player in studio and live. I am about to do a small clinic tour in south of Italy.



  • Fender precision reissue ’62, P/J bartolini pickups, custom switches
  • Squire jazz JV, lindy fralin pickups


  • Markbass little mark 800
  • Markbass standard 104HR
  • Markbass traveler 102P


  • Radial bassbone
  • TC Electronic stereo chorus/flanger
  • MXR bass otave M-88
  • Boss model TU-2 chromatic tuner
  • Akay headrush II
  • Tabacco custom effect loop


  • Rotosound rs99 ldg Piano String Design
  • Markbass super pro DI
  • Aguilar Db-924 outboard preamp
  • T-Rex Purist outboard preamp
  • Hipshot D-tuner
  • Tabacco custom Power Supply
  • Tabacco cables
  • Sennheiser ew 300 G2 wireless system

Why I play the bass:

I started to play bass quite late at the age of 18. I was asked to join a band as keyboard player because of my previous experience on piano. Actually I wanted to be a drummer, but that position was already filled. I was totally unaware about what the bass was actually, but when I paid attention to Iron Maiden “Running Free” I realized what the bass was, and I drop the keys to put my hands on the bass guitar. Since that I’ve had no regret about my choice.

My bass superpower/claim to fame

Being a superHero, I’ve got many super powers… (laughs)… as long as nobody shows up with some Kryptonite!!

Well I believe the groove is the what I claim as a strong element in my way of playing. According to my influences, you know, all of them are great groovers. Rocco Prestia is, for me, the best funky-groover as well as Steve Harris from Iron Maiden is THE rock groove-master. And Vic Wooten, he incorporates the groove and the agility. So for me, loving this guy, it’s definitely the groove a common denominator.

My influences

  • Francis Rocco Prestia
  • Victor Wooten
  • Steve Harris

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