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Bass Videos

Chris Minh Doky and the Danish String Quartet: Tranquility of the Woods

Here’s a video of Chris Minh Doky sitting in with the Danish String Quartet, playing a beautiful Danish traditional called “I Skovens Dybe Stille Ro” which translates into “Tranquility of the Woods”.

In Memoriam

RIP John Ciambotti

John Ciambotti, bass player for the band Clover, passed away this week at the age of 67 from an abdominal aneurysm. Ciambotti and Clover backed up Elvis Costello on his debut album, My Aim is True, and reunited with him in 2007 to play the album live at fundraisers in San Francisco. He also found session work with artists including...

Bass Videos

Jeff Andrews Live Bass Solo with the Mike Stern Band

Here’s a video from the 1994 “Heineken Jazzaldia” event in Spain featuring Jeff Andrews taking a solo with the Mike Stern Band.

Bass Gear

Gear Watch: Korg Micrometro Metronome

Korg has released the Micrometro, a compact clip-on metronome so you can keep time wherever you go. It uses 39 traditional pendulum settings to set the tempo between 40 and 208 beats per minute. It also has seven time signatures provided, as well as duplet, triplet, and quadruplet patterns. Volume is adjustable, and can be muted for practice with only...

New Albums

Charlie Haden and Keith Jarrett Album Announced

Charlie Haden and pianist Keith Jarrett will be featured on a recording together for the first time since the break up of the their American Quartet in 1976. The album, entitled Jasmine, will be released in May. The collaboration began in 2007 when the duo were reunited during the making of the documentary Charlie Haden: Rambling Boy. Not only is...

Bass Videos

Doug Wood and Darren Frate: Sophie’s Song

The following video from 2002 features guitarist Doug Wood and bassist Darren Frate playing a duet. Wood is playing 12-string acoustic guitar and Frate is playing the “phenomenal bass”, as Wood puts it.

Bass Gear

Gear Watch: Digitech JamMan Delay Looper Pedal

Digitech has introduced yet another looping pedal to their JamMan line called the JamMan Delay Looper. Utilizing an SD expansion card, the pedal is capable of storing up to 16 hours of CD-quality audio loops. It also features 16 seconds of stereo delay time, a tap tempo footswitch, and an expression pedal input for changing each of its eight delay...

Contract Considerations

Contract Considerations

Whether you’re playing a small gig, major venue, or are signing a recording deal it’s crucial that you know the value of a contract and how to navigate one. This lesson will cover some common advantages and pitfalls to having an engagement-contract for a performance and what to look for in a recording-contract. Keep in mind that the point of...

Bass Videos

Rudder: Floater live

Our very own Phil Wain shares this video of Rudder performing live in a VPROJazzLive broadcast in Amsterdam earlier this month. Rudder includes Tim Lefebvre on bass, Chris Cheek on sax, Henry Hey on keyboards and Keith Carlock on drums. Check out Phil’s review of the band’s album, Matorning.

Player News

Ex-Pantera Bassist Rex Brown to Debut New Band

Down and ex-Pantera bassist Rex Brown will be debuting his new band, Arms of the Sun, in Dallas, Texas on April 17. The performance comes as part of the “Basement Reunion” show, which celebrates the hard-rock club, The Basement, which shut its doors for good in 1995. This will mark Rex’s first performance in Dallas in 10 years. Arms of...

New Albums

Pablo Aslan Releases “Tango Grill”

Pablo Aslan has released a new album entitled Tango Grill, with Zoho Music. The album was recorded in Buenos Aires with a group a top-notch tango and jazz musicians to produce a unique flavor, which is described more as “musical bilingualism” than a fusion. The personnel includes Aslan on bass, Nestor Marconi on bandoneon, Nicolas Ledesma and Abel Rogantini on...

Choosing A Bass: A How To Guide
Ask Damian Erskine

Choosing A Bass: A How To Guide

Q: I’m thinking of buying a new bass. What do you look for when instrument shopping? A: There’s so much that can go into the consideration of a new instrument. The obvious things are: Cost, Function (is this your “do it all” bass, or for recording, or a good slap bass?) It’s good to do a lot of research to...