Gear Watch: Korg Micrometro Metronome

Korg has released the Micrometro, a compact clip-on metronome so you can keep time wherever you go. It uses 39 traditional pendulum settings to set the tempo between 40 and 208 beats per minute. It also has seven time signatures provided, as well as duplet, triplet, and quadruplet patterns.

Volume is adjustable, and can be muted for practice with only a flashing LED. The Micrometro is available in red or blue.

Visit Korg’s web site for more details.

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  1. Jo Jo


    Notreble guys–what brand of digital tuner that clips on the headstorck do you recommend or have information on?

    – JoJo

  2. Hey JoJo,

    Check out our coverage of the Korg Wi-Tune Wireless Tuner: