Reader Spotlight: Regina Zernay Roberts

Regina Zernay RobertsMeet Regina Zernay Roberts, our bass player in the spotlight for April 13, 2010.


I’ve been playing bass for about 23 years. For the last three, I’ve been the bass player for a band out of New Orleans called Cowboy Mouth. We play more than 200 shows a year, and have traveled the U.S. a half dozen times since I’ve joined. We also did a USO tour of military bases in Kuwait and Iraq last year. We’ve done some really fun shows, like Jazzfest, Voodoofest, the Superdome, and House of Blues shows all over the country. It’s been a blast. I guess I’m like everyone else here at – I love playing bass, can’t think of anything that makes me happier.


Los Angeles, CA

Day gig:

Bass Player for a band called Cowboy Mouth


Equipment on the road:

  • Gibson SG Reissue bass (we call her “Glory”)
  • Ampeg SVT6 Pro bass head
  • Hughes & Kettner backup bass head
  • Ampeg 8×10 Classic cab

Equipment at home:

  • ’77 P-bass
  • ’05 P-bass
  • Ampeg SVT4 Pro bass head
  • Ampeg 4×10 Classic cab
  • Ampeg 1×15 Classic cab

Why I play the bass:

When I was a kid I tried to learn guitar. My friends wanted to start an all-girl band and needed a bass player. They asked if I’d switch instruments. From the minute I picked up the bass, I was hooked.

My bass superpower/claim to fame

Hmmm…maybe the trippiest thing was in last February’s issue of “The New Yorker.” The turned us into a cartoon! We were blown away. I think the link is still up.

My influences

John Paul Jones is my main influence. I love Soundgarden. Lately, I can’t get enough Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. And there are so many others. Any kind of rock & roll, really. The big things for me are tone and how the bass and drums lock up together. If that sounds good, I’m usually into it.

More on the web:

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