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Nikki Sixx Announces New SIXX: A.M Album, Talks About New Book

Nikki SixxNikki Sixx has announced that he is working on a new concept album with his trio, SIXX: A.M., which also features James Michael and D.J. Ashba. The group is “getting close” to deciding on the first single from what will be their sophomore album, and the follow up to their debut, The Heroin Diaries.

According to his Myspace page, the group will be having video and photo shoots for the project in the next three weeks.

Though he would not reveal the plot behind the album, he did say that the work should be out this year. “We’ve got a lot of songs, and we’re in the final home stretch of buttoning all those songs up. It’s definitely going to be this year — or in a perfect world, it will be this year. I don’t want to jinx it.”

Nikki is also hard at work finishing up a new book. In an online post, Sixx wrote, “My book is getting close to being done, but its at almost 40,000 words and its a photography book. Jesus, its gonna be as big as War and Peace at this rate.”

You can follow Nikki via his Myspace page, or visit the web site for his radio show, Sixx Sense.

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