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Jimmy Haslip Joins Michael Landau, Robben Ford and Gary Novak for New Album

Michael Landau, Robben Ford, Jimmy Haslip, Gary Novak: Renegade CreationYellowJackets bassist Jimmy Haslip has teamed up with guitarists Michael Landau and Robben Ford and drummer Gary Novak to release an album under the moniker “Renegade Creation“.

The album, released by the Blues Bureau record label, features eight vocal tunes sung by Landau and Ford as well as two instrumental tracks. The group’s music is a melding of blues, rock, and fusion with lots of guitar interplay between Landau and Ford. The first track from the album, “What’s Up”, is available for preview on Michael Landau’s Myspace page.

Renegade Creation track listing:

1. What’s Up
2. Soft In Black Jeans
3. Destiny Over Me
4. God and Rock ‘N Roll
5. Darkness, The
6. Renegade Destruction
7. Peace Intro/Peace
8. Who Do You Think You Are
9. Where the Wind Blows
10. Brothers

Renegade Creation is available from Amazon.

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