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The Who: My Generation (1967)

Here’s a classic clip of The Who performing on September 15, 1967 on The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour. The Who was getting into the full swing of destroying equipment on stage by that point, but during this show, added just a bit much to the routine.

Drummer Keith Moon detonated his kit at the conclusion of the song, while guitarist Pete Townshend destroyed his guitar and amp. Moon had bribed a stage hand to load his kit with explosives, and the explosion was much more powerful than anyone expected. Townshend later said this show was the start of his tinnitus.

We love how bassist John Entwistle played it totally cool though.

Thanks to our Facebook friend, Florent De Nadai for sharing the video with us.

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Oh my!! I saw this one Live, back in the day!! Wow, am I that old???

Fliflu From Catalunya

Fliflu From Catalunya

Great… That beatiful Bass it’s an ECHO. Does someone
knows why did they cover the brand’s name on the headstock?, as
Pete did on guitar too

Fliflu From Catalunya

Fliflu From Catalunya

On my last comment I wrote something wrong. That bass was a
Vox Bassguitar. Same question, why did they covered the brand’s
name on the bridge and the headstock of both,Bass and