Gear Watch: Orange Shows Off Terror Bass Amps at Summer NAMM

Orange Terror Bass AmpAfter recently naming Geddy Lee as an endorsing artist, Orange Amps was proudly showing off their newest bass goodies at Summer NAMM.

Orange expanded their Tiny Terror line to the low end, with the Terror Bass 500 and 1000. A compact head weighing in at 5kg (11.02 lbs), the Terror bass is a hybrid amp with a Class D solid-state power section and a twin valve 12AX7 preamp. It is available as a 500 or 1000-Watt version. It also features a balanced DI output and Effects loop.

The OBC810, which was originally made in small numbers in the ‘70s, is once again available. The cab, with all of its eight 10” speakers, weighs in at 60kg (132.28lbs). It handles 1200 watts RMS, and is rear-ported.

Orange Smart-Power isobaric speaker cabOne of the coolest things on display was their new line of isobaric speaker cabs. The new Smart-Power line of bass cabs lines up lightweight Neo-Dineum one in front of the other in separate compartments. Now, the actual size of the cab is closer to half of what you normally think of. For instance, the Smart Power 410 (pictured) is only the height of a 2×10 cab, but delivers all the same sound and power of a 4×10. The Smart Power line includes 2×12, 2×10, and 2×10 combinations, with all having 8-ohm impedance.

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