Gear Watch: Godlyke Power-Grip Pedal Mounting Tape

Godlyke Power-Grip Pedal Mounting TapeGodlyke, Inc. has released a new pedal mounting tape, called Power-All Power-Grip. As opposed to most fasteners that use a “hook and loop” style, Power-Grip uses rows of small, mushroom-shaped stems that lock into one another. The mounting surface doesn’t collect debris and helps to give it a longer lifespan. The adhesive used to bond it to your pedal board is temperature and weather resistant, and after a 24-hour curing process, it forms a nearly permanent union.

Power-Grip comes in 1-meter rolls, which is enough to mount at least six standard sized pedals. It is available for a street price of $17.50. Visit Godlyke’s website for more details.

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