Luminlay Introduces M19 Luminescent Knobs

Luminlay M19 Luminescent Knobs

Luminscent position marker company Luminlay has expanded their product line to include the MA19 series of knobs. The knobs, which come in five colors, are inlaid with luminescent numbers for easy visibility on a dark stage. Similar to their inlays, the knob’s numbers are activated by a Luminlay LED light charger.

Suited for a six millimeter shaft diameter, the knobs come in Black, Cosmo Black, Chrome, Nickel, or Gold plating with either blue or green luminescent numbers. They’re built with a combination of machining and handcrafted processes in Japan.

Luminlay’s M19 Series luminescent knobs are available now direct for approximately $18.75 each.

Luminlay MA19 Series

Luminlay M19 Series Luminescent Knobs Details:

Made in Japan
Luminescent Numbers (Green or Blue)
No Batteries
Five Colors: Black, Cosmo Black, Chrome, Nickel, or Gold

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  1. Interesting concept. A little surprised Warwick haven’t offered to do this on their bass guitars, like the fret markers you can have installed along the neck.

    I don’t think it would do my Fender Jazz bass any justice but I can see the appeal, especially those who have brightly coloured neon strings on their basses.

  2. Reverse numbering models for lefties? Don’t forget the southpaws!

  3. Jacob

    Super cool, and would totally work with my instrument, if they’re not garishly bright. That said, they’re not cool enough to drop almost $60 bucks on to replace my current knobs. If the price point was closer to $10 a piece, I might be into it.