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  • Rewind: The Top 10 Bass Videos, Gear, News, Players and Columns of the Week

    1. Video: Regi Wooten Playing the Prat 12 String Bass 2. Column: Cables 101: Instrument vs. Speaker Cables 3. Player News: Muse Bassist Speaks on Band’s Future 4. Concert News: Roger Waters and David Gilmour Plan Surprise Reunion 5. Gear: Manson’s John Paul Jones Signature Bass 6. Player News: RIP Andy Hummel 7. Ask Damian... »

  • Nashville Amp Expo To Show Boutique Gear

    Gear fanatics, get ready. The Nashville Amp Expo, which will be taking place August 21-22, is your chance to try out amps, effects, instruments, and accessories as loud as you want. The exhibitors are mostly high-end and boutique dealers that are usually hard to find in local music stores. For only five bucks per day,... »

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  • Jim Bennet: Summer Song

    Being right around the end of July I think this “Summer Song” by Jim Bennet aka Resonantdoghouse is appropriate viewing! »

  • Dave Holland Featured on NPR Music

    Dave Holland Featured on NPR Music

    NPR Music’s Karen Michel recently got a chance to sit down with jazz master Dave Holland and released a feature article on his career beginnings and musical philosophy. Holland, who was a “teenaged high-school dropout playing bass with a New Orleans-style jazz band,” eventually found his way into Miles Davis’ band, and of course has... »

  • Victor Bailey Offering Online Bass Lessons

    Victor Bailey Offering Online Bass Lessons

    For over 30 years, bassist Victor Bailey has been on the scene, most notably taking over the bass chair in Weather Report after Jaco Pastorius’s departure. Bailey has just announced live online bass lessons, offering private bass study for intermediate to advanced/pro bassists. The lessons are an hour long and conducted via Skype, and the... »

  • Georg Breinschmid and Thomas Gansch: 5/4

    This piece is written by Austrian bass player Georg Breinschmid who after long consideration decided to name it “5/4” as he explains in the beginning of the video. He performs it with Thomas Gansch playing the trumpet. »

  • Gerald Veasley’s Bass Bootcamp Goes to Canada

    Gerald Veasley’s Bass Bootcamp Goes to Canada

    For almost ten years, Gerald Veasley has held his Bass Boot Camp for bassists in the U.S. Next week, he’s taking the camp to Aurora, Canada. The camp will take place on Thursday, July 29th from 8am to 11pm, with intensive, hands-on instruction from Veasley along with drummer Richard Waller III. BBC Canada is open... »

  • Justin Chancellor to be Featured on New Intronaut Album

    Justin Chancellor to be Featured on New Intronaut Album

    Tool bassist Justin Chancellor will be a featured guest on the upcoming Intronaut album Valley of Smoke, due out this fall on Century Media Records. Chancellor also co-wrote the song he will be playing on, which features an intriguing instrumentation. Intronaut’s Sacha Dunable spoke on the new album. “…We were lucky enough to have this... »

  • Bill Bruford’s Earthworks: Stromboli Kicks

    This video is really more about drummer Bill Bruford than anyone else, but there’s still some exciting bass playing to be heard from Laurence Cottle. It’s clear that Cottle (and the other musicians, for that matter) in Bruford’s Earthworks have a lot of musical freedom to just do their own thing. »

  • Gary Karr’s KarrKamp XIV Wraps Up With Concert

    Gary Karr’s KarrKamp XIV Wraps Up With Concert

    July 27th will bring the culmination of double bass virtuoso Gary Karr’s 2010 KarrKamp program. Karr, who founded the International Society of Bassists in 1967, has been teaching summer school to 18 students each year at the University of Victoria in British Columbia. The pinnacle of each program is the Basses Loaded concert, held this... »