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  • Gear Watch: Manson’s John Paul Jones Signature Bass

    Gear Watch: Manson’s John Paul Jones Signature Bass

    Manson Guitar Shop has released the John Paul Jones E-Bass model, a replica of the bass Hugh Manson made for John in the early 90’s. The 4-string bass features a maple through-neck, figured maple top, aged cherry sunburst finish, ebony fingerboard, EMG pickups and active circuit, Hipshot D-tuner, Schaller machine heads and Badass bridge. The... »

  • Simone Vignola: FAQ, Boss Loop Contest

    When Simone Vignola entered the EuroBassDay solo bass contest in 2008 he won the whole thing. This time he’s entering the Boss Loop Station World Championship with the following video of a piece he calls “FAQ”. »

  • RIP Andy Hummel

    RIP Andy Hummel

    Andy Hummel, original bassist for the 70s power pop group Big Star, has passed away after a 2-year battle with cancer. He was 59. This comes just months after the loss of the group’s singer, Alex Chilton. Big Star’s early three-album career influenced many rock bands that followed them, including R.E.M., The Replacements, and The... »

  • Roger Waters and David Gilmour Plan Surprise Reunion

    Roger Waters and David Gilmour Plan Surprise Reunion

    After years of bad blood between the two, ex-Pink Floyd bandmates Roger Waters and David Gilmour seem to be patching things up. The duo recently teamed up for the first time since Live 8 in 2005, to perform for the Hoping Foundation in Oxfordshire where they played a 4 song set of Floyd classics, plus... »

  • Ask Damian Erskine: Bass Tunings

    Q: Is there any reason how and why the bass got tuned in fifths (B, E, A, D, G, C) as opposed to the guitar’s tuning (E, A, D, G, B, E)? A: Actually, those are fourths the bass is tuned in. If my memory serves, the bass tuning came first. Although, hundreds of years... »

  • Regi Wooten Playing the Prat 12 String Bass

    Regi Wooten Playing the Prat 12 String Bass

    When we posted the photo of Kevin playing the 12-string Prat bass at Summer NAMM, people went pretty nuts. Well, here’s a video feature Regi Wooten, guitarist and older brother to Victor Wooten, giving it a shot. Let the “that’s not a bass” / “that’s awesome” debate continue! »

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  • Bobby Burns Departs Soulfly

    Bobby Burns Departs Soulfly

    Soulfly bassist Bobby Burns announced that he has ended his 7-year stint with the band. He announced the split on his Twitter profile: “To all the fans…Soulfly and I have decided to part ways. Stay tuned for my next projects already in the works. Thanks 4 ur support!!!” Burns replaced original bassist Marcelo Dias when... »

  • Reader Spotlight: Kennan Shaw

    Reader Spotlight: Kennan Shaw

    Meet Kennan Shaw, our bass player in the spotlight for July 20, 2010. Bio: I play bass; emphasis on “play”. I’ve played bass forever. I can play other instruments a little, but I don’t. My influences have generally been bands more than bassists, but I have several favorites. Most of the places I’ve been around... »

  • Adam Schroeder Releases “A Handful of Stars” with John Clayton

    Adam Schroeder Releases “A Handful of Stars” with John Clayton

    If you’re going to make a jazz quartet recording, you’d better have a killer rhythm section. Baritone saxophonist Adam Schroeder did just that with his new album, A Handful of Stars. Schroeder enlisted the one-two combo of bassist John Clayton and drummer Jeff Hamilton, who besides being giant players in their own right, have worked... »

  • Sailor’s Hornpipe on Fretless Acoustic Bass

    Sailor’s Hornpipe on Fretless Acoustic Bass

    After watching just one video by Youtuber Pudsy440, I’m a big fan. Here’s Pudsy “fiddling around (on take #2,029)” with “Sailor’s Hornpipe”, and quickly turning it into a medley with “Politician” by Cream. Hilarious and awesome at the same time! »