Gary Karr’s KarrKamp XIV Wraps Up With Concert

Gary KarrJuly 27th will bring the culmination of double bass virtuoso Gary Karr’s 2010 KarrKamp program. Karr, who founded the International Society of Bassists in 1967, has been teaching summer school to 18 students each year at the University of Victoria in British Columbia.

The pinnacle of each program is the Basses Loaded concert, held this year at the Philip T. Young Hall at the University.

“No other concert even comes close to the standard we set,” Karr says.

Students come each year from around the world, ranging in playing ability from amateur to professional. The four week course consists of classes, masterclass styled lessons, and ensemble playing.

Tickets for the Basses Loaded concert are $25 ($10 for students), and may be purchased from the Victoria Summer Music Festival website.

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  1. Neil Bliss

    I spent a summer as the stage manager at UVIC back when I was doing my undergrad. I had been playing electric for a few years but had never tried upright. I watched for free as Gary gave masterclasses. The scope of his knowledge was breath taking. I used tons of his tips for my electric playing, and since then have started into Upright…. his lessons have been an emmence help.