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  • Getting in the Scene

    Q: I have some questions regarding studio bass work and other bass-related job possibilities. Since you are a man of many groups and projects, I was hoping you could share some of your valuable insight and experience about diversifying one’s opportunities as a bass player. What is the first step, besides practice of course, to... »

  • Igor Franca: Tight Trite Night (Bass Version)

    This is Brazilian bass player Igor Franca, performing a 6-string bass version of the tune “Tight Trite Night”, written by the amazing acoustic guitarist, Don Ross. »

  • Glenn Hughes Announces Solo UK Tour

    Glenn Hughes Announces Solo UK Tour

    Former Deep Purple and Black Sabbath member Glenn Hughes has announced a fall tour of the UK. “I’m thrilled to embark on the most extensive U.K. solo tour of my career,” he reports. Most recently, Hughes collaborated with drummer Jason Bonham and guitarist Joe Bonamassa in the supergroup Black Country Communion. Glenn Hughes Solo Tour... »

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  • Reader Spotlight: Joel Gregory Ciulla

    Reader Spotlight: Joel Gregory Ciulla

    Meet Joel Ciulla, our bassist in the spotlight for July 27, 2010. Bio: Joel has performed and recorded with hundreds of great musicians such as Alex Acuna, Bennie Maupen, Gerald Clayton, Dr. Bobby Rodriguez, Poncho Sanchez, Justo Almario… just to name a few. He is currently working on his new CD “Cha Cha Bop”, featuring... »

  • Custom Shop: An Interview with Pierre Erizias

    Custom Shop: An Interview with Pierre Erizias

    While checking out all the booths at Summer NAMM last month, we ran into custom bass builder, Pierre Erizias. Based out of Montreal, Pierre wowed us with not only his basses, but his cool story of how he got started building. We were able to catch up with him recently to dig a little deeper... »

  • Francois Lamouche: Shazam Kadazam for Solo Bass

    The following is an extract of a tune Francois Lamouche is working on for his street playing. He calls it “Shazam Kadazam”. »

  • R.E.M. Finish Work on New Album

    R.E.M. Finish Work on New Album

    Bassist Mike Mills and R.E.M. have announced that they have completed work on a new album, which will be due out sometime spring 2011. This will be the group’s 15th studio album, following 2008’s Acceleration. Though the group has been keeping the new album’s sound secret, they revealed in an online post that their recording... »

  • Gear Watch: Industrial Radio Standard Midi Bass 4

    Gear Watch: Industrial Radio Standard Midi Bass 4

    Industrial Radio has released the Standard Midi Bass 4, a hybrid bass guitar and MIDI controller that connects and controls synthesizer and sampler technology. The fret-sensing neck and multi-sensor approach to MIDI conversion is designed for both the studio and live environments. The bass is also a standard bass guitar, so bassists can enjoy real... »

  • The Lowdown with Dr. D.: Reader Questions

    I constantly receive questions in my email box from aspiring bassists. Unfortunately sometimes these pile up and I can’t always get to everyone’s question in a timely manner, or even send a personal response. So for a few installments, I thought I would take some time here on The Lowdown and answer a few of... »

  • Bootsy Collins: Stretchin’ Out

    Bootsy Collins: Stretchin’ Out

    This is basically just Bootsy Collins being Bootsy Collins: a true man of the funk, as you will see in the video. He’s playing “Stretchin’ Out” live on Night Music hosted by David Sanborn (who’s playing the sax in the video). »