Jean Baudin Releases “The Mechanics of Tapping” Method Book

Jean Baudin: The Mechanics of TappingJean Baudin, the bassist famous for his “Super Mario theme song” performance on 11-string extended bass and other videos, has released a method book on bass tapping technique.

The Mechanics of Tapping is a 58 page ebook aimed at beginning and intermediate bassists. The book covers Baudin’s approach to tapping with tab for both the left and right hand and is written for 5-string bass players, though Baudin says . Audio files are included with the ebook for many of the exercises, as well as excerpts from Baudin’s solo efforts including Nuclear Rabbit and Element of Surprise.

“The two-handed tapping method is powerful for bassists who want to add a new dimension to their bass playing,” Baudin said. “Over the years, I have taught lessons and led master classes and clinics to help bass players learn my unique method of two-handed tapping. This book walks players through the technique and provides exercises to help them develop the skills to create and play two-handed tapping parts to create more dynamic bass parts and compositions.”

The Mechanics of Tapping covers the following:

  • Finger Exercises
  • Octaves
  • Arpeggios
  • Two-handed Arpeggiated Chords
  • Traditional Two-Handed Tapping
  • “Vanishing” (Jean Baudin)
  • “Puppy Love” (Jean Baudin)
  • “Frosty Acres” (Jean Baudin)
  • “My Girls Got Guts” (Nuclear Rabbit)
  • “Alone with My Clone” (Nuclear Rabbit)
  • “Look who’s Cross-eyed Now” (Nuclear Rabbit)
  • “Truth’s Ugly Head” (Nuclear Rabbit)
  • “San Francisco Treat” (Nuclear Rabbit)
  • “Lemmings” (Nuclear Rabbit)
  • “Inspiration” (Element of Surprise)
  • “Flip the Switch” (Element of Surprise)
  • “Greensleeves”
  • J.S Bach’s “Tocatta”

The Mechanics of Tapping is available for $17.00 from Baudin’s web site.

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    I’d buy it if I played 5 string bass :(

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