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Doug Wimbish: Quasimodo (Live)

Here’s bassist / one man band / human sound system Doug Wimbish taking a live solo, “Quasimodo”.

The performance took place at Paradiso in Amsterdam in 1999, and filmed for the TV program “Moondive”, which also included Peter van Bergen (saxophone), Huib Emmer (electronics/guitar), Stefan Robbers (electronics), Gerard Bouwhuis (piano) and Alison Goldfrapp (vocals).

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Andre Follot

Now that’s some amazing multitasking!! WOW! With all the hotdoggers out there these days playing the same licks and using all the same tricks, Doug is a one-off, stand alone creative genius. That there’s some neat stuff!!!!

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I’ve seen this video a few times before. Anyone has the rest of this performance? Can’t find it on YouTube.