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Percy Jones and New Prog Trio Bang Tower to Release Album

Bang TowerFretless bass guru Percy Jones, best known for his work with Brand X, has teamed guitarist Neil Citron and drummer Walter Garces to release a new album, Casting Shadows.

The group, named Bang Tower, is a “power prog” trio. The musicians, each considered virtuosos of their respective instruments, have enjoyed the group’s rapport and musical direction.

“The basic idea was to play music we wanted to play, and have a good time doing it,” says Garces.

“It’s a group effort musically,” adds Jones. “I probably had a bit more input on the initial tracks and Neil had a bit more on the real time recordings, but it averages out to be about the same really. Walter was involved since the beginning.”

Preview and download Casting Shadows:

For more, check out the band’s website.

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