Gear Watch: EBS Fafner II

EBS Sweden is now shipping the sequel to their Fafner bass amp, appropriately named the Fafner II. Featuring a two-channel preamp, the amp allows you to switch between them or blend both channels together to widen your tonal possibilities. A footswitch (EBM RM-4) allows you to quickly switch between them, as well as control bypass filters, character filters, and muting.

EBS Fafner II

The Fafner II also has two separate balanced XLR-outs, one pre and one post EQ, to let you blend a clean signal with a processed signal. There are also individual effects loops for each channel, as well as a common one so you can route your effects just about any way you like.

The built-in compressor is part of EBS’s pride and joy, and on the amp it is set only to compress the clean signal, leaving the drive channel to be “as wild as you want it.” The package is wrapped up with a protected power amp that gives 750 W RMS at 2 ohm, 610 W RMS at 4 ohm, and 310 W RMS at 8 ohm.

For more info, visit the EBS website.

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