Pipoquinha, 13 Year Old Bassist Performs “Rei Arthur”

Here’s a crazy video of 13 year old Brazilian bass prodigy Pipoquinha ripping it up on his tune “Rei Artur”, which translates to King Arthur.

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  1. Langhendries Johan

    Fantastic ! keep that good bass groove going my young friend!

  2. Musicman

    I wish we could play openly in parks like that here in NY

  3. Hward64

    All of a sudden I want to give away my bass

  4. I expect to hear a lot more from this kid in the future. He has talent and technical skill.

  5. nathan


    maybe i should just give up now lol, thats amazing

  6. rafael

    woah, am I witnessing the dawning of “Wooten the Second”?

  7. It’s the water in Brazil for sure.

  8. Hymn

    I only sing bass (wish I could play) but this wunderkind either makes me wanna take lessons or never even attempt to…haven’t decided which yet! Hahaha…Lafn :D

    Great stuff/talent….I def hear some George Benson influence (even though George doesn’t play bass).


  9. To chyba reinkarnacja jakiego? jazzmana…

  10. Excelente performance

  11. I just revisited this video from years past and this young man is just amazing!

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  13. riki navada

    Incredible talent for this young man

  14. […] years ago, we shared a video by Michael Pipoquinha, who was 13 years old at the time. It was a monster hit. We’ve featured him throughout the years, […]