Stu Hamm Releases “Fretboard Fitness” Instructional Video Lessons

Stu Hamm: Fretboard FitnessBass guru Stu Hamm has just released his latest instructional video, Fretboard Fitness, through Truefire TV. Aimed at intermediate players, Fretboard Fitness contains 40 video lessons on theory, fretboard navigation, and hand strength that are designed to avoid becoming tedious, as often happens in instructional methods.

“These are the bass guitar lessons I wish I had when I was coming up,” Hamm shares. “I’ve distilled the curriculum in Fretboard Fitness to the essential nuts and bolts of playing bass guitar; navigating the fretboard, building hand strength, and understanding the essential principles of music theory and harmony. All of the video bass guitar lessons, exercises and workouts that I’ve included in Fretboard Fitness are designed to form a strong bond between your hands, ears and mind.”

Hamm’s Fretboard Fitness is available for download through, for $19, or you can order a data-DVD for $29.

The package includes the 159 minutes of video lessons, practice rhythm tracks, text commentary, tab and notation, and Power Tab.

Here’s a preview:

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