Squarepusher Releases Shobaleader One: d’Demonstrator

Shobaleader One: d'DemonstratorElectronica bassist Squarepusher, aka Tom Jenkinson, has released his latest project, Shobaleader One: d’Demonstrator. The album, which is a follow-up to last year’s Solo Electric Bass, is the bassist’s 14th to date.

According to Squarepusher, Shobaleader One is his new band, which is a first for the bassist who thus far has only used drum machines and programs. In an interview with Warp he said, “The overall aim is to articulate my music through the medium of a band. I always thought that a band would be a limiting thing. I’ve got very used to being able to make music by programming or playing without having to explain anything to anyone, and I assumed it would slow everything down if I had to. Actually it has made it quicker because I’m not trying to be four people simultaneously any more. I’m not over-explaining anything to them as they’ve got strong ideas of their own and I want to hear that in the final results.”

Shobaleader has no current dates, but it planning to tour next year after recording more material, as “playing live is part of the focus” of the group.

Preview and download d’Demonstrator:

d’Demonstrator Track List:

  1. Plug Me In
  2. Laser Rock
  3. Into The Blue
  4. Frisco Wave
  5. Megazine
  6. Abstract Lover
  7. Endless Night
  8. Cryptic Motion
  9. Maximum Planck

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