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Joelle Leandre and India Cooke Release “Journey”

Joelle Leandre and India Cooke: JourneyFree improv bassist Joelle Leandre has teamed up with violinist India Cooke for a new album entitled Journey on NoBusiness Records. The new CD contains a real-time improvised performance split into six tracks from a conference called “Improvisation and Identity: Discovering Self and Community in a Trans-Cultural Age,” which was held in Denver, Colorado.

Drawing from free jazz, modern classical and more, the two artists create a free flowing musical conversation that pushes the limits of their instruments and their imaginations.

Leandre is a French double bassist rooted in contemporary music and free improvisation. She has worked with Derek Bailey, Anthony Braxton and John Zorn as well as composers John Cage and Giacinto Scelsi, who wrote pieces specifically for her.

Journey Demos:

Journey I
Journey III
Journey V

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