Paul Jackson with the Strandberg Project: The Groove

Paul Jackson joined bassist Jan-Olof Strandberg for his album The Strandberg Project back in 2005, and this recently posted video shows the duo jamming it out again on the tune “The Groove.”

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  1. You can tell he was “in the moment”, because near the end of the song, he remembered the notes to the flat-5 part he was playing earlier, but he forgot the rhythm he was using for it! Groove is “real-time”…if you want to remember “how you played something”, you need to record it! lol

  2. I didn’t dig it honestly & don’t see what the big deal is about this recording. I know who Paul is & his history, etc. but this was hella whack IMHO!

  3. krzysztof ciesielski

    Cool slippers Paul.