Old School Doug Wimbish: Doug Jam (1990)

Even Doug Wimbish‘s sound checks are cool. Here’s Doug at Southern Studios in London, back in 1990.

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  1. ororxor

    Total genius. Guitar on the base – perfect sound. How he did it ?

  2. Clifton

    WOW!! He was really working that Warwick Bass!! Awesome stuff!!!!

    • Paul Vienneau

      I think it’s actually a Spector. The curve on the back of the body looks like Spector. I believe he was playing those at the time, and the decal on the headstock looks like it.
      But early Warwicks did copy the Spector.

      • Hungryjos

        It actually is a Warwick, he used to endorse them at that time.
        It’s true that early Warwicks resembled Spectors, but the tuners on Warwicks are turned by 45°, Spector tuners are straight.
        But Doug rocks any bass, anyhow. :-)

  3. L Ryuza Ki

    What is THE name of his haircut?

  4. He isn’t les claypool.

  5. Is he related to Lloyd Wimbush? I like diversity in video’s even if they’re not that great. It has a little bit of everything I don’t care for; loop, octave divider or whatever, tho’ I have seen John Paul Jones and Jerry Scheff make believe they were Buddy Guy with one, pretty boring ostinato even for slap bass. Simon Cowell and Rex Reed are holding up their card now…

  6. Doug is a local boy from Bloomfield, CT.