The Tony Williams Lifetime Tribute Band featuring Jack Bruce: Vuelta Abajo

Here’s a live rendition of the tune “Vuelta Abajo”, which was featured on the 1970 Tony Williams Lifetime LP Turn It Over. This is a Tony Williams composition.

Here we see Jack Bruce again playing bass on the tune forty years later with a different lineup. This show is on the road and promises to wow audiences who will be treated to a somewhat lesser known side of Jack Bruce’s stylistic interests. His time playing with Tony Williams was short lived but, according to his recently published biography, Tony and Jack connected on a personal and musical level that was the basis of a deep friendship despite their professional affiliation being relatively brief.

“Vuelta Abajo” is a hard driving tune that features a relentless – almost pounding – theme which is an exceptional vehicle to showcase Jack’s bass playing. Check out this version and then listen to the version on Turn It Over and see how the different line ups interpret this classic hard edged gem from the dawn of the era where jazz and rock were being fused in the hands of the masters.

The Tony Williams Lifetime Tribute Band featuring Jack Bruce, Vernon Reid, John Medeski and Cindy Blackman is doing a mini-tour in January and February 2011:

  • Jan 27 – Jan 30 at Blue Note, NYC
  • Feb 2 – Feb 5 at Yoshi’s, Oakland, CA
  • Feb 7 – Feb 8 at Jazz Alley, Seattle, WA

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