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Tommy Stinson Thanks Fans For Haiti Fundraiser with Free MP3

Tommy StinsonGuns N’ Roses bassist Tommy Stinson is thanking his fans for contributing to his recent auction, which helped to raise money for the Timkatec schools in Haiti. To show his appreciation, Stinson is giving away a free MP3 and video of a new song, which he recorded in the restaurant of the Conrad Hotel in Brussels, Belgium.

”Thanks to you, we raised over $50,000 in my auction to help the Timkatec schools in Haiti,” he wrote on his website. “As a token of appreciation, I give to you ‘One Man Mutiny.’ You can watch the video, and download the MP3 for free. I can hardly express how much this has all meant to myself and to those involved. It’s all especially impressive considering the current world economic climate.”

The idea for the song struck him during a conversation with tour manager Del James and Richard Fortus. The track also includes Fortus and GNR guitarist Dizzy Reed, who are featured in the video.

Free track:


You can also download the track and watch the video on Stinson’s website.

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