Top 10: The Best Bass Gear (October 2010)

No Treble readers have spoken. Here is the Top 10 bass gear list for October 2010.

1. Fender Announces Roger Waters Precision Bass

A new 70’s-style Fender P bass is out, bearing the name of Pink Floyd bassist Roger Waters.

TC Electronic BH500

2. TC Electronic BH500

The newest “Bass Amp 2.0” from TC Electronic is the BH500, with two tone-shaping tools, TubeTone and SpectraComp and three user memory settings.

Empress Phaser Pedal

3. Empress Phaser Pedal

Empress Effects’ new phaser pedal sports an all-analog signal path, controlled by a microprocessor. The result is an analog tone with digital control and adaptability.

Tascam TG-7 Tuner

4. Tascam TG-7 Tuner

The Tascam TG-7 Tuner, designed for bass and guitar, features a widescreen, backlist LCD display and fast pitch detection.

A/DA Reissue Flanger

5. A/DA Reissue Flanger

A/DA’s original pedal was first shipped in 1980. Thirty years later, they’ve made a throwback pedal, the Reissue Flanger.

MTD Kingston CRB and Saratoga Basses

6. MTD Kingston CRB and Saratoga Basses

Two new basses from MTD are Mike Tobias’ take on classic P and J-style basses, with his own twist. Check out the new CRB and Saratoga basses.

Manson’s John Paul Jones Signature Bass

7. Manson’s John Paul Jones Signature Bass

A replica of John Paul Jones’s 1990’s E-Bass model is now available from Manson’s Guitar Shop.

Warwick Thumb SC Single Cutaway

8. Warwick Thumb SC Single Cutaway

Announced in February, this bass still registers plenty of looks. The Thumb SC single cutaway bass is a German-made bass, tailored towards jazz, funk, and R&B settings.

Ibanez GSR, SR370 and SRT900 Series Basses

9. Ibanez GSR, SR370 and SRT900 Series Basses

Ibanez announced three new basses at Summer NAMM 2010: The 4-string GSR series, the 4- and 5-string SR370’s and the upscale 4- and 5-string SRT900 series basses.

Peterson StroboClip Tuner

10. Peterson StroboClip Tuner

Peterson’s latest tuner, designed for acoustic instruments, is the world’s first clip-on strobe tuner.

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