Ask Damian Erskine: My Sense of Groove

I get a lot of emails asking about how to play certain grooves from some of my tunes. I have a new book coming out that deals with many of my techniques, and I explain them in the same way drummers explain drum rudiments. The book will include an mp3 CD with over 100 tracks of all of the exercises at different tempos.

I thought I’d include a two page preview (PDF download) along with the corresponding audio examples for No Treble readers to check out.

The first page is simply the legend for my notation (explaining which fingers to use and on what string to play the note written).

The second page has three grooves from different songs of mine written out.

There are audio examples of each at a slow and fast tempo:
Who By Now (Slow)
Who By Now (Fast)
Kaluanui (Slow)
Kaluanui (Fast)
Fif (Slow)
Fif (Fast)


Have a question for Damian Erskine? Send it to [email protected]. Check out Damian’s instructional books, Right Hand Drive and The Improviser’s Path.

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  1. Hi Guy’s, Just a little plug for damians Book. I’m luckily enough to have had an advanced copy for about 6 weeks now. I would highly recommend it to others, is a very refreshing approach, you can tell the drummer technique coming through.I’ve spent hours with it now and it has really change my playing,whole new world. I play a couple of gig’s last weekend and bits just started pop out, totally the best on line purchase i’ve made to date. Get it as soon as you can! Sandy

  2. Victor @ Philly

    Hey Damian! I’m ordering this book today! I purchased your first book and it ROCKED! It really helped me a lot to see “your bass perspective”. Keep up the great work. You are truly an inspiration to us.