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Antonio Ramos “Maca” Releases “Mira Que Te Diga”

Antonio Ramos Maca: Mira Que Te DigaSpanish Flamenco bassist Antonio Ramos ‘Maca’ has released a new solo album, Mira Que Te Diga, which translates to “Let Me Tell You.”

The 10-track LP is his first solo release, though he has worked with the top Spanish names in Flamenco, from Vicente Amigo to Raimundo Amador.

Antonio is also adept at funk and jazz, as evidenced by his original tunes. The album comes off as a cool fusion of Latin funk and jazz with an underlying rock vibe. Ramos displays his chops has a groove player and soloist, from the funky “Yo Sí,” to the gliding fretless melody on “Despacito.”

Mira Que Te Diga Track List:

  1. Yo Sí
  2. Wasabi
  3. Príncipe De La Oscuridad
  4. Mi Sombra Delante Y Yo Detrás
  5. Despacito
  6. Camino De Cañas
  7. ¡ahora!
  8. Háblame
  9. Toma
  10. Linda

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