Andrew Gouche: Live with Gladys Knight (1995)

Live from St. Martin in 1995, Andrew Gouche lays down one mean groove with Gladys Knight. Nothing more needs to be said. Enjoy.

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  1. Skip

    Everything sounds better with gooch – under it….

  2. Jamal

    Motown school;-)

  3. Clifton

    Wow!! That is the way you really do it! Nuff said!!

  4. Old school soul music at it’s best. Gladys is timeless!

    • Hello Al, we were in comm back about ten years ago when I was on staff at Durban Org. Please can you add me on your Facebook friends list – I am intersted in BB – ok? ARC

  5. This is SUCH a monstrous performance from the entire band.

  6. Gladys Knight & Andrew Gouche.. You can’t go wrong! I watch this over & over! Thank you No Treble! MTD Kingston Basses & Michael Tobias Design: MTD American Handmade Bass & Guitar!

  7. that set of concerts started a 15 year run for a band I was in…we were doing old school soul at the time and one night we were hanging at my house and watched the Sinbad special and the next day we switched over to old school funk and never looked back. I always wondered who played bass on this…he is killin it. I don’t know if he was the MD on that show or not but the arrangements were pretty tasty too.