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Stanley Clarke’s Record Label Debuts New Releases

Stanley Clarke - record executiveBass legend Stanley Clarke has started a new role in the music industry as his record label, Roxboro Entertainment Group, unveiled its first two releases this month. Guitarist Lloyd Gregory’s self-titled CD and multi-instrumentalist Kennard Ramsey’s Somos are available now for download from Amazon, with physical copies coming later this month. Though grounded in jazz, the label’s musicians come from assorted backgrounds.

“When you are starting a record company, diversity plays a major role,” Clarke explains. “All of Roxboro’s artists come from different locations in the world and offer remarkable cultural differences.”

The role should be a good fit for Stanley, whose last album, The Stanley Clarke Band, has been nominated for two Grammys.

Even so, the recognition for his hard work doesn’t go to his head.

“It’s the Stanley Clarke Band, that was nominated… not only Stanley Clarke,” he humbly stated. “I may have been the band leader, but I share this nomination in gratitude with keyboardist Ruslan Sirota, drummer Ronald Bruner, Jr., featured pianist Hiromi Uehara and the rest of the players on this album. We’re pleased in both categories to be in the company of such a diverse range of talent as our fellow nominees.”

The label also had a facelift with a new website.

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