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Gear Watch: Plush Jersey Thunder Pedal Sneak Preview

Plush Jersey Thunder PedalFuchs Audio has announced a new pedal is joining their Plush FX line. The Jersey Thunder is a gain boost and EQ pedal, designed for bass.

The pedal features just two knobs: a gain control and a variable EQ control. A three-position switch provides a straight gain boost and two unique bass EQ curves, which are adjustable by the EQ knob. The slopes are designed to give extended low end, a recessed lower midrange and high-end pop. Plush suggests that the pedal is well suited to add clarity and modern tones to basses with passive electronics. The unit is housed in a solid aluminum case and offers true bypass.

The company will debut the Jersey Thunder at the NAMM show next month. The manufacturer suggested retail price is $199.99.

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I dunno. $200 for this? I can get multiple used, DECENT pedals for that on ebay.