Gear Watch: Roland CUBE-XL Bass Combo Amplifiers

Roland CUBE-XL Bass Combo AmpRoland has expanded their line of Cube Bass combo amps with three new models: the 120XL, 60XL, and 20XL. Delivering 120, 60, and 20 watts respectively, the amps are built for portability.

The 120XL and 60XL have more in common than the 20XL, as they share dual custom-designed Air Flow Ports, eight COSM amp models, seven effects (including new Drive and Poly Octave), a solo function with memory, and chromatic tuners. The most unique feature of the two models is what Roland describes as a first for bass amps: built-in loopers. The onboard phrase loopers allow for 80 seconds and unlimited overdubs. As for differences, the 120XL features a 12-inch speaker and a four-band EQ versus the 60XL’s 10-inch speaker and three-band EQ. The 60XL also includes Power Squeezer to give a richer driven tone at lower levels.

The 20XL features an 8-inch speaker with six COSM amp models and the seven effects included its larger counterparts. The Power Squeezer is also included in the practice amp to give you bigger sound with less volume.

The Cube-XL Bass combos are available now and range in price from $229.99 to $579.99. For more info, visit Roland’s website.

CUBE-XL Bass Amplifier Series Comparison Chart

MSRP $749 $569 $299
Power Output 120W 60W 20W
Speaker 12″ Coaxial 10” Coaxial 8”
COSM Amps 8 types, including Super Low 8 types, including Super Low 6 types
Effects 7 types 7 types 7 types
SOLO Function Included (Memory) Included (Memory) Included (Boost)
Looper 80 seconds 80 seconds ?
Power Squeezer ? Included Included
Tuner Included Included Included
AUX IN Included Included Included

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  1. Hey what’s with that 20XL?!? Sounds about right for a small place like mine and loaded with effects. Cool, gonna have to check that out. – JoJo

  2. MG

    Fender’s BDEC has had looping and a drum machine, amp modeling etc… for a few years now.