Gear Watch: BOSS RC-3 and RC-30 Loop Stations

BOSS RC-30 Loop StationsTo celebrate 10 years since the release of their Loop Station, BOSS has unveiled the RC-3 and RC-30 loopers, each featuring three hours of stereo looping, 99 on-board memory locations, and USB 2.0 connectivity for importing and exporting audio to your computer. A step up from previous loop stations, the new models have multiple inputs, including 1/4” A and B input jacks and a stereo 1/8” Aux input jack. The RC-30 includes an XLR in with phantom power for condenser microphone compatibility.

The RC-30, being the big brother to the compact RC-3, has sliders to adjust the level of each track. It also has built-in effects for processing the loops, including bend down, step phaser, sweep filter tempo delay, and lo-fi. Both models also come stacked with a rhythm guide and drum loops.

The BOSS RC-3 and RC-30 operate on either 9-volt batteries or an optional AC adaptor. The pedals will be available in April for street prices of $199 and $299 respectively. For more, check out the BOSS website.

BOSS RC-3 and RC-30 Loop Stations Specs:

  • True Stereo Loop Stations
  • 3 hours recording time
  • 99 On-Board memory locations
  • Multiple inputs
  • USB 2.0 connectivity
  • Rhythm guide with real drums
  • Runs on batteries or optional AC power supply
  • Built-in effects on RC-30 only

RC-3 Loop Station Overview:

RC-30 Loop Station Overview:

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