NAMM Watch: Part 3

We’re still sorting through plenty of photos and notes from our NAMM trip (and missing the warm weather!). There’s no shortage of gear and artist news left for us to cover, so keep your eyes out for that on our NAMM update page. In the meantime, here are some more photos from the trip.

Sam FinlaySam Finlay from Dave Gage String Instruments gave us a sneak peek at their new Neck-Off bass, which is still in the works. The bass features a removable neck and Gage’s K1 plywood formula for a richer sound. Packed in a custom featherweight case, the package weighs in at 45 lbs.


Christian NogueraFrench bass luthier Christian Noguera flew half way around the world to show his basses at NAMM! Here is his fretless Yves Carbonne Signature model.


Alleva-CoppoloThe guys at Alleva-Coppolo have been working on some pretty colorful designs.


Ken BebenseeA few Ken Bebensee basses were among those displayed at the Bartolini booth, including this Robert Hurst Acoustic Bass. The five-string features a carved spruce top, bubinga sides, and an adjustable position Bartolini dual coil magnetic pickup.


Kevin Johnson, Jess Oliver, Greg HopkinsOn Friday night, former Ampeg VP and original B-15 designer Jess Oliver was meeting the public alongside Ampeg aficionado Greg Hopkins. Oliver was presented with the Godfather of Bass Amplification Award at Ampeg’s NAMM press conference. Here’s the duo with No Treble’s Kevin Johnson.


Will MarksNo Treble’s Will Marks sits a spell to try out a Boulder Creek acoustic bass.


Brown’s Guitar FactoryThe basses at Brown’s Guitar Factory caught our eye with their unique combination of fretted/fretless necks and tremolo systems. Here Aaron showed us a first for the company: fretting higher notes on the neck while keeping the low range fretless.


Avian GuitarsAvian Guitars was in attendance to show off their upcoming line of instruments, including this scroll top electric bass.


Andrew ChernaAndrew Cherna of Diffusion Audio shows of a Sandberg bass with an aged finish. Sandberg basses are being distributed in the U.S. and Canada once again by Diffusion.


Jim NormandyNormandy Guitars President and CEO Jim Normandy displays a new P-styled bass with an aluminum body. The company specializes in metal instruments, including an archtop bass model.


Couch Guitar StrapsDan from Couch Guitar Straps told us about their straps that are made from recycled material including couches, car vinyl, seat belts, and more. The straps are vegan are even vegan. And don’t worry; all the materials are from unused sources, such as upholstery that has been in storage.


Chris CardoneBuilder Chris Cardone displayed this APC Instruments ECF45 bass, which is strung with Circle K strings that reach down to a G# below the B on a standard 5-string. Talk about the low end!


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